Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Webinars with Great Plains

We have B I G plans for 2016. As we refine our sales tools and develop marketing pieces, we also plan to offer several webinars a month for our agents. Some webinars will be hosted by our company principal, Rich Hellerich, while others will have guest panelists speaking about a particular service provided specifically for agents actively appointed with Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing.

Check out a few we've hosted so far this year and stay tuned to future email notifications regarding upcoming webinar presentations!

Originally presented 1/12/16...

Originally presented 1/19/16...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Social Security Benefit Education

Would prospects do business with you if you found them $30 to $100 K in additional lifetime Social Security benefits? Great Plains can help you open the door to more appointments using our Social Security Toolkit to provide prospects information and assistance in understanding their Social Security benefits!

There are just over 40 million Americans age 65 and older, and they make up 13 percent of the population. By 2030, the over-65 crowd will reach 20 percent of the population. At that time the median age of Americans will increase to 39.6 years, up from 37.2 today and a significant increase from a little under 30 in the 1960s and '70s.Currently 10,000 Baby Boomers, the largest generation in history, become eligible for Social Security retirement benefits every day!

It is estimated that up to 70% of Social Security income recipients have elected claiming strategies which leave thousands of benefit dollars on the table over their lifetime! With the variety of available elections that can be made, understanding Social Security retirement benefits can be confusing. Many Americans are unaware of their optimum claiming strategy, or searching for guidance to understand and maximize their Social Security benefits. You can provide them with the information they need.

Ask your Great Plains Annuity Marketing Consultant for the marketing tools, resources and support you need to thrive in this market for years to come!

Here are a few Social Security resources available to you and your clients:

The official Social Security website:
Social Security's online services continue to hold the top spots for customer satisfaction. In the recent American Customer Satisfaction Index quarterly report, Social Security continued to score higher than the best private online services, including Amazon.

Social Security Administration - Retirement Planner:
The three major elements of your retirement portfolio are benefits from pensions, savings and investments, and Social Security benefits. To help you plan for retirement, use the Retirement Planner to explore a variety of retirement scenarios. You can use a range of assumptions about future earnings or when you will stop working.

Social Security Administration - Information for Financial Planners:
This site provides information to financial planners regarding the various Social Security programs and Medicare and is a valuable resource in helping your clients plan for retirement or other life events.

Center for Retirement Research at Boston College:
Recognized by the New York Times as “…the nation’s leading center on retirement studies,” their research covers any issue affecting individuals’ income in retirement. Focus areas include: Social Security, State and local pensions, Health/long-term care, Financing retirement and Older workers. The Center’s work goes beyond economics. Their studies include behavioral factors that drive individuals’ decisions so solutions can be crafted that work in practice, not just in theory.

Premier Social Security Consulting:
Looking for unique knowledge so that you can better help your clients reaching their Full Retirement Age? Your clients have questions regarding Social Security. Our National Social Security Advisor certification insures you will be a valuable resource for your clients. Become a National Social Security Advisor, (NSSA). We offer Education & Certification or simply just Education on Social Security at our seminars and webinars across the nation.

Join Great Plains as we host a special webinar presented by Mark Kiner, CPA and Jim Blair of Premier Social Security Consulting on Tuesday, January 12th at 12 PM CST.

If you are active in helping clients with Income Planning strategies, we encourage you to attend this 30 minute webinar. Register HERE.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jump-Start 2016 With These Services from Great Plains

We offer annuity and life insurance professionals the opportunity to partner with our experienced Annuity and Life Marketing Specialists. They can help you find the best guaranteed fixed annuity or life insurance solutions to recommend to your clients, provide real marketing support and deliver the sales assistance to impact your success.

Take advantage of our 250+ years of industry experience and multiple sales tools, ideas and connections with industry vendors to make 2016 your best year yet.

Help your clients create a reliable retirement income AND preserve their financial assets with IncomePLUS! Great Plains Annuity and Life Marketing is pleased to introduce our new tool to help you better serve clients concerned about creating a retirement paycheck without exhausting their savings.

IncomePLUS is defined as "Income" and the acronym PLUS, which stands for Preferred Laddering Utilization Strategy.

GPALM can now help contracted producers create a customized presentation to show clients and prospects possible strategies to create their ongoing retirement paycheck, while protecting and growing their nest egg at the same time.

CPA Referral Program
Great Plains is helping our top producers create LONG LASTING relationships with CPA's that create lifetime referrals through this professional alliance. Our Principal, Rich Hellerich, has personally implemented this strategy for over 20 years and has fine tuned the tools you will need to approach and engage CPA's and tax advisors. We will also show you how to maintain these relationships for years to come.

Get Your Piece of the 401K Market
Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing can assist you in the 401K Market. We can provide you with the tools you need to succeed! Contact Your GPALM Marketing Consultant today!

Social Security Benefit Education
THE retirement planning topic for years to come! Would prospects do business with you if you found them $30 to $100K in additional lifetime Social Security benefits? Great Plains can help you open the door to more appointments using our Social Security Toolkit to provide prospects information and assistance in understanding their Social Security benefits!

Wealth Transfer Opportunities
Are you missing the boat for easy life sales? If you have clients over age 65 you need to find out!
If you have clients over age 65 and interested in passing a tax-free death benefit to their heirs, then an SPL policy could be the solution for you to present. Many clients want to set aside money to leave for their beneficiaries, but have concerns that those funds may be needed for possible health care issues or a financial emergency. Single premium life may be an excellent solution for clients looking to shelter assets with an ultimate objective of transferring wealth, offering simple issue, accelerated benefits and tax favorable treatment so clients may enjoy the safety and liquidity they seek in their golden years while increasing their legacy

Sales Ideas That Work
Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing can assist you in building your 2015 sales/marketing. We can provide you with marketing materials and the tools you need to succeed! Contact Your GPALM Marketing Consultant for additional ideas that might fit your marketing plan and increase your sales!

Industry Vendors
Visit our website for a list of Industry Vendors that provide useful tools and assistance for Producers. When possible, we will note any available Great Plains discounts or special consideration that may be available.

Creative Services & Website Development
If you are looking to develop a brand for the first time, or you are wanting to improve your brand, GraphixTech has solutions for you. GraphixTech offers you, professional goal-oriented websites, stunning print graphics and distinctive brands focused on building stronger, more effective businesses!